While this Sunday’s Super Bowl promises to be a hard-fought contest between two premiere NFL teams with some of the biggest stars in the game, CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz has told reporters he is most looking forward to inaccurately using the word “dab” repeatedly throughout the game.

“I’ve been hearing a lot about how the young kids like the dabbing nowadays, and I think they’ll really feel pretty ‘dabbed’ about hearing a hip, cool announcer using their ‘lingo’ during the biggest television event of the year,” Nantz was overheard telling a young intern with a media pass. “I can’t wait to see Cam Newton using his dab to really dab his way to a touchdown.¬†You see, dabbing is a young man’s game, that’s why you won’t see Peyton Manning do a dab, though in his heyday he probably could have dabbed with the best of them.”

Sources close to Nantz have warned the media not to correct him, as it’s not worth the effort trying to get him to use it properly, and insist that things would be far worse if he ever discovered the existence of the nae nae.

Jeff GoodSmith