Panthers owner David Tepper made a promise to fans this season that he would not stand for the constant mediocrity that has plagued the Panthers organization since its inception in 1995.

The new owner began to shake things up by firing head coach, Ron Rivera after a week 12 loss to a bad Atlanta Falcons team. The Panthers then went on to loss all their remaining games, which meant they ended the season with eight straight losses, finishing 5-11.

Tepper claims the bottoming-out was all part of his goal of avoiding mediocrity.

“I promised we won’t be mediocre and I’ve always been a man of my word,” Tepper stated at a recent press conference. “We are either going to be the best or one of the absolute worst franchises in NFL history. Nothing mediocre there.”

The Panthers are reportedly interviewing a reanimated Tom Landry and current Bengals head coach Zac Taylor to ensure that one of those two things happens.

Steve Smith Jr. Jr.