Friday, August 19, 2022

Sheets comes to Dallas; ice storm follows

DALLAS — Free-agent pitcher Ben Sheets was rumored to have been renting a car at the DFW Airport on Tuesday.

‘Greatest game ever!’ says guy who watched last night’s World Series contest on mute

One viewer lucky enough to watch Thursday night's insanely entertaining World Series Game 6 on mute -- devoid of McCarver and Buck -- believed he had just witnessed the greatest sporting event of all time.

Sox marketing dept chastised over #ScrewYu addition to #TakeJake Twitter promo

In a move described as “bush league” across social media outlets, several White Sox staffers began including a #ScrewYu hashtag, unaware they were simply infuriating millions of Japanese voters and inspiring them to vote for Darvish.

Josh Hamilton now addicted to awful comedy routines after Dempster trade

The Rangers created this debacle by sending Hamilton to the airport to welcome the new Ranger. Following a brief ride back from the airport, Hamilton exited the limousine wearing a Nolan Ryan jersey, spewing line after line about "letting pitchers stay in for 150 pitches" and "giving Robin Ventura a beat down."

Cubs vow to avenge Dempster by bringing him back next year

Even though the Cubs managed to trade Dempster to the Rangers for two minor leaguers, Theo Epstein is said to be miffed by Dempster's stubbornness at nixing the Braves deal and promises to bring him back to the Cubs next season as retribution.