DALLAS — Free-agent pitcher Ben Sheets was rumored to have been renting a car at the DFW Airport on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a major ice event followed Sheets to the Metroplex, snarling North Texas traffic and leaving many schools and businesses closed.

The Texas Rangers said they would not take this as a sign not to add the oft-injured Sheets to their roster, but said they would be cautious in their dealings with the former Milwaukee Brewers hurler.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels has been insistent on doing his best Theo Epstein imitation, telling the media that the Rangers are building from within, but he’s on a collision course to sign Sheets. “Well, he’s only been on the disabled list five times in the past four years,” Daniels said. “Not bad for a front-line starting pitcher. Our ace, Kevin Millwood was on the disabled list once, and he finished the season 9-10, a pretty good record.”

Sheets, Daniels continued, finished last season 13-8 for Milwaukee, but missed the playoffs after suffering a torn tendon in his elbow, something that doesn’t worry the young GM. “We’re not going to make the playoffs anyway,” Daniels said. “So there’s no reason for Sheets to get injured.”

Daniels said the Rangers weren’t waiting on a medical report before the club made an offer to Sheets, they were waiting for league approval that they could sign a pitcher with a better than .500 record.

heckler editorial staff