Friday, April 12, 2024

Chicago experiences minor earthquake after Prince Fielder dives for groundball

Chicago became the fourth MLB city this season to experience what scientists have termed a "PrinceQuake."

Prince Fielder still expanding, baffling scientists

Despite depletion of resources throughout the globe, Prince Fielder, one of the largest mammals in the Western Hemisphere, appears to be getting larger, baffling scientists.

Hendry wakes up from four-day slumber to learn Brewers acquired Grienke

Cubs GM Jim Hendry's annual pre-Christmas week four-day nap ended Sunday morning when his cell phone rang with news that the rival Brewers had acquired Cy Young winner Zach Grienke from the Royals.

Lou wants to know if you can play third tonight

After Friday night's nasty shoulder injury sidelined third baseman Aramis Ramirez for at least a month, Cubs manager Lou Piniella would like to know if you're available to fill in tonight against the Brewers.

NBA Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

Why They Might Be Good: You could sextuple-team freakishly accurate shooting guard Michael Redd at mid-court, and he'd still go 7-for-11 from the arc. Thing is, Redd is a team player, the putz. If he decides to buy into the NBA's "me first" paradigm and hurls up 30-plus shots a game, he could be one of the league's poster boy ballhogs a la Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Paul Pierce.

Kukoc still brags about time he made that winning shot

Milwaukee Bucks forward Toni Kukoc has been a part of many big games. Known as the "European Michael Jordan," Kukoc was named European Player of the Year three straight times before starting his NBA career with the Bulls in 1994. He played a big role during the second Bulls' three-peat, coming off the bench to pour in 13 points per game during their championship runs.

Doug the Sox Fan scouts Midwest baseball

JULY 15, PITTSBURGH PIRATES @ CHICAGO CUBS, WRIGLEY FIELD Things went so bad for the Pirates that even Jerry Hairston Jr. contributed to the onslaught with a grand slam (albeit off the foul pole), and then got into a heated, bench-clearing exchange with Pirate reliever Jose Mesa after his next at-bat. Of course, 39,000 suburban frat guys home for the summer left happy after the Cubs' 11-1 win, many of them singing the world’s most annoying tune. I’d appreciate the song much more if the lyrics "Go Cubs go! Go Cubs go!" were a command relating to the franchise’s geographic location. Chicagoans: There’s only room for one playoff team in this town, and we all know who it is in 2005.