Why They Might Be Good: You could sextuple-team freakishly accurate shooting guard Michael Redd at mid-court, and he’d still go 7-for-11 from the arc.  Thing is, Redd is a team player, the putz.  If he decides to buy into the NBA’s “me first” paradigm and hurls up 30-plus shots a game, he could be one of the league’s poster boy ballhogs a la Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Paul Pierce.

Why They Might Suck: You’ll notice that the letter “D” is nowhere to be found in the words “Milwaukee,” “Bucks,” “Wisconsin,” or “If we keep LeBron from burning us for 53, we’ll call the evening a success.”  This is a problem.  Plus messy-haired Aussie Andrew Bogut and 2006 Underachiever of the Year winner Bobby Simmons will miss the beginning of the season with cases of Wisconsin Lard-Ass Flu.

The Dude Other Than Redd Who I Want on My Fantasy Team: Charlie Villanueva.  In what’s becoming a typical NBA paradox, Chuckles can’t hit a clutch free throw if you put a gun to his head—which Raptor fans did a regular basis last year—but he’s money from inside of eight feet.

Bottom Line: The Bucks are a work in progress, kind of like Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway construction project.  You know that when it’s all said and done, it’ll be a better entity, but until then, it’s just a pain in the butt.

heckler editorial staff