During an October 13th practice at the Berto Center, Bulls backup center Michael Sweetney informed coaches he would be leaving practice early to tend to an undisclosed family matter.

However, an hour after Sweetney left practice he was spotted only a few miles from the Berto center at the Deerbrook Mall Old Country Buffet. Onlookers say Sweetney was stuffing his face with anything and everything he could get his hands on. Avid Bulls fan and Old Country Buffet dishwasher, Lewis Anderson, immediately recognized the plump Bulls center.

“I have never in my 14 years working for this company seen one man eat so much pork,” said Anderson. “I mean that man ate Babe and all of her cousins.”

Video surveillance of Sweetney’s binge eating was quickly confiscated by the Bulls organization and it’s not known whether or not they are planning on releasing the tape to the public. Sweetney is expected to miss 10 days of practice and be forced to enter a Weight Watchers clinic.

heckler editorial staff