Sunday, December 10, 2023

League informs Hester it’s okay to juke punters

Devin Hester looked ready to break the NFL record for combined return TDs Sunday, but was tripped up by Lions punter Nick Harris. The league decided to take action after yet another near-perfect Hester return ended by a shoelace tackle by the opposing kicker or punter.

Cutler’s athleticism deemed ‘underrated’ for 18,267th time

After an eight-yard scramble against the Lions by Bears QB Jay Cutler last Sunday, the internet was abuzz with thousands of stories touting Cutler’s “underrated athleticism.”

Reasons other Midwest NFL cities aren’t being considered for Monday night’s Bears-Vikes game

As the Vikings scramble to prepare the University of Minnesota's undersized stadium for Monday night's game against the Bears, many football observers are wondering why the contest won't be held at one of the several other Midwestern NFL stadiums. Turns out each has a reason it can't host the game.

Top 10 new features of Madden ’12 other than concussions

EA Sports announced Madden ’12 will include concussions. Here are the top 10 other new features.

Ndamukong Suh eats Cowboys offensive lineman for breakfast

A few hours before kickoff of Sunday’s Lions-Cowboys game in Dallas, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh reportedly ate a hearty breakfast of three eggs, a bagel, and an entire Cowboys offensive lineman.

Bears target Calvin Johnson as this week’s big-name receiver they’ll let roam free in...

Less than a week after Steve Smith scorched his team yet again for eight catches and 181 yards, Bears head coach Lovie Smith announced Calvin Johnson is this week’s top receiver the Bears plan to completely ignore on defense.

Monday Night Football announcers to wear ‘Droolin’ Over Stafford’ bibs and ‘Cutler Sucks’ hats

ESPN’s broadcast trio of Jon Gruden, Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico are known for their sensational rants and raves when it comes to quarterbacks, but this week will bring a new wrinkle: outlandish apparel.