Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tony Dungy thanks the Lord for such a violent sport to coach

Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy publicly thanked the Lord today for all of the blessings bestowed upon him, including the opportunities to play and coach a sport responsible for hundreds of injuries each year.

Colts fan disappointed by Miami’s lack of tractor parking

Colts fan Billy Joe Smitherson was outraged this week when he found there's no place to park his tractor in the metro Miami area where he has traveled to root on his Colts against the Bears in Sunday's Super Bowl.

Top Surprises for Super Bowl XLI

• Peyton Manning will play game disguised by the fake mustache he wears in his Sprint commercial.

Indianapolis plans to upstage Detroit riots if Colts win

Football fans everywhere will be watching the Super Bowl in Miami next weekend, but the mayor of Indianapolis hopes everyone will focus on his city after the big game. The mayor not only wants Indianapolis to be home of the number one team in the NFL, but also number one when it comes to rioting.

Bears pay Eli Manning for brother’s secrets

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith and defensive coordinator Ron Rivera are nearly a week into their meticulous breakdown of Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. Now, late-breaking news has come out of the Manning family compound that disgruntled brother and New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, has signed an exclusive deal with the Bears to divulge secrets about his older brother.

Daley regrets betting cities with Indy mayor

As the clock wound down on the Bears Super Bowl loss to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley was in a world of hurt. His two-week rivalry with Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson got out of hand, costing Daley the very city he's presided over since 1989.

Former teacher gives Manning C- for post-game speech

On the biggest stage in sports, Peyton Manning addressed a worldwide audience of millions while accepting his Super Bowl MVP trophy. Colts fans brushed back tears, but Frank Druin was not among them. As Manning's high school speech teacher, Druin saw much room for improvement.