Colts fan Billy Joe Smitherson was outraged this week when he found there’s no place to park his tractor in the metro Miami area where he has traveled to root on his Colts against the Bears in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“I reckon this is hogwash,” said Smitherson, a resident of Munster, Ind. “I drive my tractor to every Colts home game, and now I don’t get to do it for the biggest game of the year.”

Smitherson’s tractor is painted Colts’ blue and features a boom box that plays only John Mellencamp songs and two flags flying from a pole in the back. The top flag is a memorial to the late Dale Earnhardt, and the other is a Colts flag.

“How am I going to get fired up for the game without listening to the ‘Coug’?” asked Smitherson. “Guess I’ll just have to drink more ‘Natty Light’ to get into game mode.”

heckler editorial staff