There comes a time every January when Blackhawks fans just have to shake their heads and say, “Maybe next year. At least we have good prospects in our system. Right?”

That time is here.

Chicago is 13 points out of the playoffs, seven games under .500, and they have the third worst record in the league. But their victory Sunday afternoon at the sold out-just kidding-United Center snapped a 10-game losing streak. Not bad for a franchise ESPN once called the worst in all of sports. Maybe now they’ll put the home games on television.

The Hawks broke their losing streak on a power play goal in overtime against the Calgary Flames, a shocking success considering the Hawks are the worst power play team in the league. Normally watching a Hawk power play is like watching a Godzilla vs. Mothra film: Nothing really makes sense and everyone seems to be running around aimlessly. But this time it worked.

“This is good for us,” Denis Arkhipov said after scoring the game winner. “Now maybe we can win Stanley Cup and feel great pride. And who is this ‘Mothra’ you’re talking about?”

Crazy Russians.

heckler editorial staff