Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith and defensive coordinator Ron Rivera are nearly a week into their meticulous breakdown of Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. Now, late-breaking news has come out of the Manning family compound that disgruntled brother and New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, has signed an exclusive deal with the Bears to divulge secrets about his older brother.

“There was some pretty juicy information that Eli gave up,” said an unnamed source. “Like for instance, did you know that Peyton Manning has the Sprint logo shaved into his back hair? Or that he collects Alf memorabilia?”

The source refused to spill any more of Peyton’s secrets, but said a notebook full of his “quirks” was en route to Halas Hall. Whether or not these embarrassing tidbits rattle the Colts QB remains to be seen. However, the Bears believe they may now have the upper hand against Peyton Manning, “The Beanie Baby Enthusiast.”

“I can’t wait to tease him about his love of decaf coffee,” said Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. “What kind of wuss drinks decaf? I’m going to get in that wuss’s head.”

heckler editorial staff