Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy publicly thanked the Lord today for all of the blessings bestowed upon him, including the opportunities to play and coach a sport responsible for hundreds of injuries each year.

“Only His Majesty has allowed me to crush so many opponents,” said Dungy. “And it is only because of His creation of football and His loving support that my team can cause so much physical and emotional pain each week.”

Dungy, a devout Christian, also said as part of the public prayer that only the power of Christ can lead to a Super Bowl victory and eternal salvation.

“Thank you, Almighty Lord, for helping us beat down on that sinner Tom Brady last week,” said Dungy. “But please, Lord, now give us the strength to smite the Bears this weekend and send that damned Brian Urlacher and the rest of Lovie Smith’s minions to the hospital through the power of Your eternal love. Amen.”

heckler editorial staff