Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mets to retire Bill Buckner’s number in August celebration

The Mets won Game Six 25 years ago this October when Buckner--playing first for the Red Sox--failed to corral a ground ball that trickled through his legs in the bottom of the 10th inning at Shea Stadium.

New Yorkers question ‘alternative marriage’ when Yankees fan marries Red Sox fan

A Yankees fan club known as “The Swanky Yankees” is protesting the legalization of gay marriage, after it was revealed that a Yankees fan had married a Red Sox fan on the day of the law’s enactment.

ESPN broadcasts of Yankees-Red Sox games cancelled due to national indifference

“It’s about time. The games have gotten so stale that it feels like nothing ever happens,” said a high ranking employee at ESPN. “It’s like watching four and a half hours of 'Entourage' reruns every time they play.”

Red Sox recruit Mothra to attack Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes

Controversy is swirling over Terry Francona’s decision to unleash Mothra against Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes in the sixth inning of Wednesday’s game at Fenway Park. While the Red Sox maintain the move was perfectly legal, Yankees officials are in an uproar.

David Ortiz has panic attack in on-deck circle

As if things couldn’t get any worse in Sox Nation, Red Sox DH David Ortiz suffered a panic attack during Saturday's 9-1 loss to the Yankees.

Theo Epstein claims he ‘gets laid way more than Cashman’

Even though the Yankees clinched the AL East over Red Sox earlier this week, Boston GM Theo Epstein has clinched the Stud GM title over Yankees GM Brian Cashman. “I get laid a lot,” Epstein recently boasted. “Way more than that putz Cashman.”

Red Sox thaw Ted Williams for playoff run

“We can’t wait to have him in the lineup,” Boston manager Terry Francona beamed. “We will preheat the oven at 350 an hour before the Yankee series. He should be warmed up and ready to go in no time. He doesn’t need batting practice. He’s Ted Williams!”