Wednesday, August 17, 2022

‘HarBowl II’ to be held in parents’ backyard next weekend

“None of my guys or Jim’s guys were ready to have our seasons end just yet.” said John. “But due to some NFL rules that only allow teams to play in the Super Bowl if they win their playoff games even if they're coached by a Harbaugh brother, we had to make some adjustments.”

Ravens to go to Indianapolis anyway — in the middle of the night via...

Following the tradition set by the 1984 Baltimore Colts, some members of the 2012 Baltimore Ravens will be heading to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl in the middle of the night via Mayflower trucks. About 20 members of the team have agreed to take the trip led by MLB Ray Lewis and Defensive Coordinator, Chuck Pagano, who was just named the Colts new Head Coach.

Orioles to pipe in booing crowd noise all season long

In order to feel "more comfortable" while playing at an empty Camden Yards, the Baltimore Orioles today announced that they will pipe in artificial sounds of fans booing the home team throughout the shortened 60-game 2020 season.

Cubs Convention Update: Sosa holds his own fan convention to stick it to Cubs

In a petulant effort to stick it to the Cubs for their continued banishment, Sammy Sosa is now holding his own fan convention, hoping to steal fans and publicity away from his former franchise during their big weekend.