After both John Harbaugh’s Ravens and Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers failed to win their conference championship games Sunday, the two brothers agreed to have a third place game in their parents’ back yard next weekend.

“None of my guys or Jim’s guys were ready to have our seasons end just yet.” said John. “But due to some NFL rules that only allow teams to play in the Super Bowl if they win their playoff games even if they’re coached by a Harbaugh brother, we had to make some adjustments.”

We had to agree to a two-hand-touch game like when we were kids” Jim interrupted. “And also like when we were kids, there will be no kickers.”

Also part of the agreement between the brothers, super-ref Ed Hochuli will be on hand to explain the rules of two-hand-touch to the teams.

“It would give the guys time to eat, get dressed, write a novel before the game begins,” said Jack Harbaugh, the family’s patriarch.

Not eveyone is happy about the meaning of this game though.

“They’re not playing this game for the players or the fans,” said mother Harbaugh about the game. “The truth is they are both are playing this for their father’s approval.”

Chicago Vince