The Jay Cutler era comes to a disappointing end. Here are some of the top headlines from The Heckler over the course of the his time here:

Cutler seen smashing shoulder into brick wall to avoid playing rest of season

Jay Cutler injures his smoking hand

Bears suspend Cutler four games for deflated attitude

John Fox confident Cutler will have huge season handing ball off 40 times per game

Cutler repeatedly passed the mashed potatoes to the wrong family members during Thanksgiving

Cutler’s visit to local hospital leaves patients even more depressed

Cutler refuses to have children vaccinated for Interceptionitis

Oops! Bears’ official site accidentally posts article saying Cutler won’t be back

No more pouts: Cutler gets Botox after being named face of franchise

Homeless rip Cutler’s body language after QB volunteers at soup kitchen during bye week

Cutler to play with son in baby harness during Bears-Packers game

Cutler horrifies teammates with erotic novel debut: ‘Fifty Shades of Jay’

Cutler preparing for 2012 season by scowling constantly at random people and Kristin’s dog

Cutler blames Martz for terrible 7th Inning Stretch performance

Cutler to miss 2012 season after getting sacked throwing out first pitch at Wrigley

Cutler gives thumbs up to Martz resignation, tears ligaments in thumb

Unbattered Cutler confused by ability to leave game under his own power

Cutler gets game ball for managing to leave Detroit without the aid of a wheelchair

League will allow Cutler to use new SackShield™ against Green Bay

Bears consider using two rows of offensive linemen to protect Cutler

Cutler prepares will, says last good-byes before game with the Giants

Cutler not sure what ‘makeshift offensive line’ means but he’s pretty sure it’s bad

Cutler calls off engagement with Cavallari after watching a rerun of ‘The Hills’

Hungover fan skipping work today thinks Cutler is giant wuss

Cutler picked off by a tackling dummy