Despite another crushing defeat of the Toronto Raptors at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, league officials remained adamant the Raptors would be forced to play out the string.

“This is a best of seven series,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “We have TV deals in place, player contract stipulations must be enforced and I’d personally like to see LeBron [James] just destroy Toronto’s will to live, to be honest.”

Following the Cavs 108-89 victory over the Raptors to take a 2-0 lead in the series, Cleveland is a perfect 10-0 in the postseason, making their march to the Finals a foregone conclusion. Most fans are enjoying the show, but some groups are calling for the league to step in and take action.

“We cannot let this go on any further,” said Mark Landon, spokesman for the Americans For Decent Public Broadcasting. “Children could be watching, for God’s sake. This massacre must be ended!”