Frustrated by his demotion to the minors following a stellar spring training, Chicago Cubs phenom Kris Bryant has taken to to petition his way onto the team’s Major League roster.

He posted the following plea on the website:

My name is Kris Bryant and I’m currently playing baseball for the Iowa Cubs. I urge you to help me as I should be playing third base for the Chicago Cubs. In 2014, playing at two levels of the Cubs minor league system, I hit a total of 42 home runs. During this year’s spring training, I hit nine home runs with 15 RBI and a batting average of .425. The Sporting News has called me the can’t-miss prospect. Respected journalists such as Peter Gammons and Jayson Stark wrote recently that I will be the NL Rookie of the Year.

Yet despite my stellar statistics, I was wrongly optioned to the minors.

So why am I playing for the Iowa Cubs instead of the Chicago Cubs? Cubs president Theo Epstein is exploiting a loophole in the player’s collectively bargained contract that states if I’m in the minors for a few weeks the team can extend me for another year of service, pushing off a potential contract until 2023.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to stand for these vicious actions any longer. These barbaric tactics need to cease. Won’t you please join me in signing this petition to stop the heinous and suffocating actions of the Cubs front office? If we all don’t stand up against this authoritarian regime, who will? I need you to voice your opinion for change. Do you want to be watching the Cubs in September fall one game out of playoff contention when I could be helping the team now? Now is the time to allow me to make an impact on an organization that has done the wrong things for over a century. Vindication will be mine. Sign before it’s too late. Sunday night is upon us.