After the Seattle Seahawks’ shocking come from behind victory over the Green Bay Packers, and New England’s easy dispatching of the Indianapolis Colts, Bob Greerson, the NFL’s most obnoxious fan, has described the Super Bowl as a “dream match-up.”

Greerson, who also is known for going into work on Mondays saying, “Cheer up everyone, we got a whole week ahead of us!” said that he likes the Seahawks “because they won last year, and Pete Carroll seems like a guy I’d like to get a beer with,” but added that “Bill Belichick is probably my favorite coach out there, and that Tom Brady sure is handsome!”

When asked if he preferred this match-up to ones including the other two conference finalists, Greerson clarified his stance.

“No, I mean, when the season began, I thought, of all 32 NFL teams, the two I’d most like to see in the Super Bowl were the Patriots and the Seahawks,” he said. “Though, I also like the Cowboys. They’re America’s team!”

Shortly thereafter, Greerson went to a Green Bay Packers fan and said, “Hi there, Mr. Ed, why the long face?” before getting punched in the nose.

Jeff GoodSmith