The NFL has announced it will tweak its automatic review process for Super Bowl 49 to include all non-scoring plays. Because all scoring plays are already subject to a booth review, this means that 100% of game action will be confirmed by the officials before moving on to the next play.

“In addition to getting every call right, it will also provide much-needed stoppage time for players to rest, advertisers to advertise and fans to get snacks or use the restroom,” said Goodell. “Everybody wins. Plus, we can now bill the Super Bowl as a two-day event, which is sure to excite people. If four hours of football is good, then 36 hours is better, right?”

Football fans across the nation appreciated the rule changes.

“I was hoping they’d figure out a way to give Al [Michaels] and Cris [Collinsworth] to flip-flop back and forth about whether a call will be reversed,” said Tom Benson, a Cleveland Browns fan who plans to attend a friend’s Super Bowl party. “Getting the word that a touchdown has been confirmed is so fun, now we can enjoy that same experience for a two-yard run up the middle.”