Detriot Lions defensive leader Ndamukong Suh has a message for teammate Dominic Raiola and he wants that message to be heard loud and clear. Football in the NFL has to be played the right way. That means there is no place in the game for a cut-block, especially when cleating the opponent in the thigh or clubbing him on the back of the neck would work so much better.

Raiola admitted to cut-blocking New England’s Zach Moore on the final play of Detroit’s 34-9 loss to the Patriots. A furious Suh spoke to the media afterwards, chastising Raiola for his poor judgement.

“I took Dominic under my wing specifically to avoid situations like these,” said Suh. “A cut-block is just unacceptable, especially knowing full well that eye gouging, triangle arm bars and flying roundhouse kicks inflict much more damage to your opponent. I mean a cut-block…please. Why not just leave the front door open and let the guy catch breeze.”

Although Raiola’s lack of aggressiveness was viewed as an unforgivable offense by Suh, he at least earned praise for waiting to attack a defenseless rookie in Moore, as opposed to Patriots All-Pro defensive tackle Vincent Wilfork. Meanwhile, a despondent Raiola promised that before their game against the Bears this weekend he would look to elevate his game by trying to yank the still-beating heart out of defensive end Jared Allen’s chest, just like from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”