The farewell love fest for retiring Yankees captain Derek Jeter makes a stop in Detroit today, with the Yankees meeting the Tigers. Teams across the league have showered the pride of Kalamazoo Central High with honors, gifts and ceremonies commemorating his last visit to their stadium, and in the Motor City you might expect the Tigers gift him with a Corvette or a Mustang, but you’d be wrong. Instead, Justin Verlander has arranged something that is likely to trump what any other team has given Jeter: swimsuit super model Kate Upton.

Today’s game is the last time Jeter will be on a roster card in Comerica Park, which will be notable enough, but this famous last in baseball will be mirrored with a baseball first when JV guides his famous girlfriend between 2nd and 3rd and puts her hand in Jeter’s mitt.

The two will walk out toward the center field General Motors Liquid Fireworks display and exit Comerica Park, brought to you by Little Ceasars in a truly dignified and reverent event appropriate for a game as pure and as American as baseball.

Mark Pants