Ravens RB Ray Rice delivered an awkward apology Friday for an incident earlier this off-season in which security camera footage showed him dragging his unconscious now-wife out of an elevator at an Atlantic City casino after he knocked her out in an apparent domestic dispute.

“This terrible situation has taught me a very valuable lesson,” Rice said, reading from a statement with his wife next to him at a press conference held by the Ravens. “Never, ever hit your wife in a place where there could be security cameras recording your actions for all the world to see.”

Added Rice: “I mean, what was I thinking, hitting my wife at a casino? They have cameras everywhere at those places.”

Rice’s wife, Janay, who was his fiance at the time, apologized for her role in the incident as well.

“I should not have let Ray hit me anywhere near security cameras,” said Mrs. Rice. “I should have reminded him to hit me in our house or some other place without cameras. I’ll keep that in mind next time he threatens me with physical violence.”