With Manny Ramirez joining their Triple-A farm club in Des Moines as a player-coach, Cubs President Theo Epstein pulled another rabbit out of the hat, signing ex-Red Sox hurler Curt Schilling to babysit the former 2004 American League home run champ.

Acknowledging Ramirez’ checkered past, Epstein said, “He has made real mistakes. While he has improved his behavior, we think bringing in Curt to shadow Manny is a pretty good idea.”

Reporters questioned the hiring of Schilling, who has had his own share of controversy. Epstein defended the move.

“Despite the fact Curt lost $50 million in a bunch of really stupid business deals, and, at times, he can’t keep his big pie-hole shut, Manny thinks of him as a father figure,” said Epstein.

In addition to Schilling, the Cubs also hired former Red Sox players Kevin Millar to manage Ramirez’ dreadlocks, and Trot Nixon, who will tote the former slugger’s gold chains, rings and necklaces on road trips.