The Chicago Blackhawks traded two minor leaguers for 2010 champ and fan favorite Kris Versteeg late Thursday night. The average Twitter response was, “Yay! But why?”

As it turns out, Stan Bowman is looking to take things in a new direction beyond the ice. Kris Versteeg has been delegated the task of writing the new “Chelsea Dagger.”

“We’ve been draining every ounce of energy from this song for several years,” said Bowman. “Honestly, at this point it’s become way too humble. Seriously. We’ve got rings, plural. Girls. Whirlpools. The guys are popping out babies left and right. It’s time to rap about it.”

Bowman points to the fact that the Bears have won only one Super Bowl and cut a record even before that.

The Blackhawks may be in for a surprise, as Versteeg had this to say:

“I feel like, topically, I’m more mature lately. When I’m rapping I’m not always thinking, ‘What do the ladies want?’ Usually now it’s, ‘What do I want from myself.’ Although, for the most part, the answer is still ladies.”

Bandwagon Dan