Bullies, criminals and thugs all throughout Miami-Dade County are proudly displaying the pin with the new “Miami Strength” logo, which is the awareness campaign the Dolphins hope will take their bullying issues head on. The “Miami Strength” advertising campaign was originally created by Dolphins Linebacker Richie Incognito and his “Team of Rivals” during an all-night brainstorming session at the Hooters off of the I-305 in Liberty City.

The Dolphins are aiming to take their bullying issue head on with the new “Miami Strength” awareness campaign. GM Jeff Ireland, who of course is best known for telling one of his players that rather than register a complaint against a bully, that player should have simply pummeled the bully senseless with base violence, stated the following;

“We wanted to send a special message that here in Miami, no matter how many times a whistle-blower or informant tries to betray our city by speaking out against emotional abuse and workplace harassment, the ‘Miami Strong’ community is here to stand behind our angry and abusive brothers.”

Other responsibilities for members of the “Miami Strength” Founding Fathers include beating-up potential snitches before they could ever drop dime, warning women about the dangers of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace and of course sending inappropriate text messages to the workforce on a daily basis to remind people that now only is Big Brother watching, but he also wants your lunch money as well as some alone time with your sister.

The “Miami Strength” foundation was presented with a lifetime achievement award during the Dolphins game against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers as part of the “NFL Gives Back to Bullies as Long as They Make Plays” initiative.