An overly exuberant Brent Musburger is facing potential disciplinary action again from ABC after he lost control while calling the Georgia-Clemson game this past weekend. After Tajh Boyd of Clemson threw the second of his three touchdown passes, an excited Musburger turned to his broadcasting colleague, Kirk Herbstreit and said, “Hey Kirk, what just happened? I was checking out some Delta Tau sorority sisters in the stands and I gotta’ tell you, I don’t know where Playboy has the Co-eds at Clemson ranked, but they just moved to No. 1 in my book.”

Herbstreit, ever the professional, tried to maintain control of the situation by pointing out that Georgia was getting burned in the secondary and their defense needed to figure out a way to slow down Clemson QB Tajh Boyd who was scorching the Bulldogs.

At that point, Musburger eagerly pointed out that the only thing he saw scorching were all those “fine-ass honeys” especially the Brunette seated in Row 32 Section A with the pigtails.”

Musburger has previously been reprimanded for getting excited while calling games. He was disciplined by ABC over his comments about scantily clad Florida State students several years ago as well as last year, when he was transfixed by Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s model girlfriend Katherine Webb.

As the game wore on, it was obvious that Musburger was far more concerned about the women in the stands than the score of the game.

Kirk Herbstreit tried to corral Brent Musburger by stating that now it was time for Georgia Quarterback to step-up and really show something, to which a wild-eyed Musburger said “Yeah, show something like those blondes sitting in the North End Zone with the big racks and the jean shorts. I hear ya’ man. They could show me something anytime.”

After the game as a shook-up Herbstreit tried to compose himself and search for his missing colleague, it was widely rumored that Musburger had met-up with some Sigma Nu fraternity brothers from Clemson who were taking him to a party where Musburger was looking for quote “some sweet sweet smokin’ hotties bro.”