After striking out in seven consecutive at-bats during the playoffs this year, Alex Rodriguez caused controversy in New York when he decided to sublet his contract with the Yankees to minor leaguers.

Much like signing a lease for an apartment, according to Rodriguez, a baseball player should have the right to contract other players to fill in for him during specified stretches of time. While many property owners include clauses expressly prohibiting subleases, Rodriguez’s lawyers and his agent Scott Boras claim that his contract with the Yankees contains no such restriction.

The aging superstar has already signed two minor leaguers from the Yankees farm system to fill in for him when he deems he needs a rest. Although Yankees brass feels deceived, most fans welcome the idea as a way to avoid at least two or three guaranteed outs per ballgame.

Meanwhile, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and his Attorney General are worried this may drastically change baseball, similar to the impact Curt Flood had on contractual affairs within the league.