It looks like the Bears are going to have to go it again without their star QB.

Lost in the headlines saying Jay Cutler butchered the 7th Inning Stretch at Wrigley Saturday afternoon, was that injuries suffered during the hit Cutler took when throwing out the game’s first pitch will force him to miss the entire 2012 season.

“I was just trying to throw a ceremonial pitch and all of the sudden I get blind-sided by Clay Matthews,” said Cutler. “Gabe [Carimi] was supposed to be watching for that sort of thing so I’m not real sure what happened there.”

Carimi has been rehabbing from the knee injury that ended his rookie season last year working at Wrigley in security, where he’s found that tossing drunk fat guys out of games for a few months to be preparing him well for his return to the league this fall. However, he accepted the blame for missing a block on Matthews that caused his QB to take a major hit.

“That was my bad,” said Carimi. “I was chatting up some hottie from Lincoln Park and next thing you know, Matthews comes out of the tunnel and crushes Jay. I feel really bad about it, but I did get the girl’s number, so it wasn’t all bad.”

Matthews’ hit forced Cutler to fumble the baseball and caused what doctors later called “severe” back injuries. Cutler tried to tough it out, but was forced to cut short his post-game Wrigleyville partying spree. Cutler said he was forced to shut it down after his third beer bong after he began spitting up blood due to internal hemorrhaging from the injuries.

“The pain was awful, but I gave it everything I had,” said Cutler. “What I didn’t appreciate was all the fans who were heckling me as I hobbled out of the bar. Sometimes it’s really tough to figure out Bears fans.”