Michael Jordan elevated his war of words with Kobe Bryant by further putting down the current Team USA roster. The Hall of Famer has vehemently disagreed with Bryant’s comparison of the historic and current squads, but didn’t leave it at just that. Jordan, who currently owns the Charlotte Bobcats, said his own NBA franchise can defeat the current incarnation of the “dream team.”

“They have talent,” said Jordan of Team USA. “But I’d like to see those All-Stars who never play with each other develop a rapport fast enough to not only deal with the Puerto Rico’s and Germany’s of the world, but also the Charlotte Bobcats. Guys like Bismack Biyombo, Kemba Walker and Matt Carroll go out there and fight and sweat for one another. They could mop the floor with this Team USA.”

Many basketball experts, players and fans were quick to jump to Jordan’s side when he made his initial rebuttal towards Bryant. Now there appears to be confusion in the camp, especially from the always outspoken Charles Barkley.

“I was with Michael up until a certain point,” said Barkley. “Saying that all of us on the 1992 dream team, in our primes, could beat this year’s team is a fact. But you can’t say the Charlotte Bobcats could ‘mop the floor with them.’ The Bobcats are an abomination to the NBA. Michael brought up the Matt Carrolls of the world. Matt Carroll looks like the kid who valeted my car last night.”

John Jenzeh