Michael Jordan today issued a decree to his millions of loyal followers: “Please stop posting that ‘tacky’ photo of LeBron, Kobe and me and all the trophies to Facebook.”

“Look, I know people love comparing me to those guys and I love the support from my fans all around the world,” said Jordan, “but that photo on Facebook is played out and tacky.”

Added Jordan: “If there’s one thing I know, it’s played out and tacky. Have you seen some of the suits I wear?”

Jordan added some historical context to the discussion as well.

“Both Kobe and LeBron are having great careers and it’s tough to constantly compare them to me because it was a different er when I played,” said Jordan. “I mean, it was an era where I won six NBA championships, five MVPs, 10 scoring championships and a bunch of other things Kobe and LeBron haven’t won, but it’s a different era either way.”