A shamed Patrick Kane denied that he was passed out at a Madison bar over the weekend, despite a photo that seems to prove otherwise.

“As you can tell from the photos, I was partying my balls off all day and got a little tired,” said Kane, “but I wasn’t passed out. I was just taking a quick nap. I’m not some candy-ass who can’t handle his booze or something.”

Kane said he didn’t mind that a collage of photos surfaced on popular sports smut site Terez Owens Monday, but was angry at whomever took the pic of him allegedly passed out. He would have loved to retaliate, but wasn’t sure he’d be able to.

If we still had John Scott, I’d send him after the guy who took that pic,” said Kane, “but since we don’t, I guess I’ll have to send Mayers or Bollig. It’s just not the same.”