Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder recently met with a Detroit Free Press lifestyles editor in his new Metro Detroit home. Although he’s adjusting to life with his generous new contract and is looking forward to putting up some big numbers, his focus is still on a goal he’s dreamed about since early childhood.

That goal? Change his name to “King Fielder” after besting his father, Cecil, in either a home run derby, jousting contest, successful catapult siege of his home or a sword fight to the death. After the victory Prince says he would legally and rightfully assume the garrisons, territories and title of King of Fielders from his father. The always ambitious Prince scoffed at the suggestion he could poison his father’s goblet with hemlock or suffocate him in his sleep. “I’ve always prided myself in being my own man and earning my own way”, he said. “I want to win the crown the right way, the Detroit Tigers way.”

Fielder also expressed some interest in the Tigers advancing to the postseason.

Mark Pants