The 50-game PED suspension for Brewers slugger Ryan Braun was overturned today by a three-person panel, citing the little-known “MVP exemption” granted to players coming out of an MVP season that allows them to break as many league rules and customs as they’d like.

“No one knows about it, but MLB gives the reigning MVP a ton of leeway,” said one inside source. “How do you think Barry Bonds got away with as much as he did. The guy’s a seven-time MVP!”

The source said that the exemption is most often granted for drug abuse, but has a wide ranging application.

“Back in 1957 Mickey Mantle was completely untouchable,” said the source. “Legend has it he banged Ford Frick’s wife and mistress in the same night and the league couldn’t do anything about it. That’s way more interesting than failing a drug test due to herpes medication, don’t you think?”