When the Cubs the winner of their popular bunting contest would be given a prime role on Opening Day, everyone assumed the team was talking about the act of bunting, but team president Theo Epstein today clarified the topic.

“As a lover of the tradition of baseball, I naturally love everything about Opening Day, especially the pennants that get hung all around the stadium,” said Epstein. “We wanted to get all the speculation about which bunting we’d use out of the as early as possible. Hence the bunting tournament we held in Mesa today.”

Epstein said the winner of the bunting contest was a piece the Cubs acquired in the early ’80s but haven’t been using regularly in recent years. As a result, it looks weathered, but not worn out.

“It’s the perfect bunting to go right behind home plate on Opening Day,” said Epstein. “Now if we could just get our team to look half as good by Opening Day asĀ  this 30-year-old decorative flag, we might even win 75 games this year.”