After Saturday’s embarrassing loss to the cellar-dwelling New Jersey Nets, tempers were boiling over as players left the building. The now 25-8 Chicago Bulls seem to have a grasp on this season. Aside from a couple injured starters, this roster doesn’t skip a beat. But even the well-oiled machine of Tom Thibodeau can hit a pothole, just like every other driver in Chicago.

“We just didn’t bring our A-game today,” said Joakim Noah as he hurried passed reporters. “We let them jump out to big lead and were too slow to respond.”

Noah had his share of disappointments as he contributed a whopping zero points in his 21-minute effort. Not to mention he only grabbed six boards while allowing Kris Kardashian to nab 18 of his own. With losses coming so scarce to this team some players seem to be looking for reasons to be upset when things go wrong.

“I feel like I could of definitely played better, I guess I forgot to bring out the guns,” said Noah as he pointed the finger-pistols at us. A trailing Luol Deng immediately added to Joakim’s statement saying “You can say that again.”

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Noah angrily fired back. “You don’t deserve to use the pistols. You stole those from me! I’m the Deng-Bang!”

Deng answered as the two came face-to-face.

Security quickly stepped in separating the two trying to play the confrontation off. A spokesman for the Bulls looking to douse the embers stepped in for reporters.

“Don’t worry about that people. That’s just some friendly competition the guys have going on in the locker room.”

Whatever is going on with the team, it seems like certain players take nicknames to heart. That’s what happens when you have the top record in the league and continue to win with your best player sitting out. So in good spirit, we must ask ourselves the question that has the obvious answer: Who deserves to celebrate with the finger-pistols? The Deng-Bang or six-shooter Noah?

You choose America.

Edgar Perez