As the Blackhawks ended their nine-game losing streak Thursday night in New York against the Rangers, Chicago winger Patrick Kane acknowledged the desperation of the situation.

“We know how bad we had been playing…I’m playing,” said the All-Star. “It’s crazy. They’re talking about firing Coach Q. They’re talking about trading me. We haven’t won in what feels like forever. You know what that means, don’t you?”

“SLUMPBUSTER!” Kane shouted to a room of reporters.

And he’s taking a page out of the Captain’s book. No, not Jonathan Toews. The one and only Captain of Classy Love, Derek Jeter.

Kane revealed that his trip to Yankees shortstop’s hometown inspired him to follow in Jeter’s footsteps. He’s now sending his one-night stands gift bags filled with team memorabilia.

“It always seemed to work for Jeter, and I can offer a lot more stuff than just a signed baseball,” Kane said.

The contents of Kane’s slumpbuster goody bag include:

1. Official Blackhawks hockey puck, signed by Patrick Kane
2. Replica throwback #88 Blackhawks sweater, signed by Patrick Kane
3. 2010 Blackhawks Stanley Cup DVD
4. Coach Q bobble-head
5. Tommy Hawk pillow pet
6. 2011 Blackhawks Holiday Sing-a-long CD
7. Viktor Stalberg’s cell phone number
8. Shirtless photo of Patrick Sharp, signed by Patrick Kane

“Look, everyone knows we’ve been in a slump,” said Kane. “But no girl out there wants to be considered a Slumpbuster. Maybe these goody bags will help ease those feelings for them, and for us, maybe we’ll finally break through. Win-win.”