Knicks fans have wanted Mike D’Antoni canned for years, but not like this. The mustachioed coach may be on the hot seat in New York, but Pringles believes in him enough to dedicate a new flavor in his honor.

Every fan attending the Jan. 9 game against Charlotte will receive a free promotional can of the D’Antoni endorsed “Three Cheese” Pringles.

“At first, I was offended. People tell me I look like their mascot, but I don’t see it,” D’Antoni said. “Then I saw Pringles’ slogan was so similar to our team motto, ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop,” and I knew I had to represent this brand.”

A spokesman for Pringles stated the brand was looking for a way to advertise more in the New York market. Rather than use an expensive player to endorse their product, they instead chose to go with a head coach.

“We originally wanted defensive guru Rex Ryan, but then the Jets lost and fans soured on him,” Rodney Dickens, head of Pringles marketing said. “So, we decided to go with the complete opposite, someone who’s never even heard of defense like Mike D’Antoni. I didn’t even notice the resemblance until we met. It’s uncanny … Make sure you emphasize the ‘can,’ in ‘uncanny,’ ya know, because we’re Pringles. Get it?”

The “Three Cheese” flavor will be available wherever snacks are sold in the Tri-State Area through the winter, or until D’Antoni is mercifully fired, whichever comes first.

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