The recent craze running through Indiana is a hip-hop video production titled “This is Indiana,” an attempt to energize the Hoosiers fan base in the wake of a quarter century span of futility in what is considered to be the heartland of basketball. For many fans of the cream and crimson, the video did just that.

“I dialed up my 56k modem and started to download that there video onto my Acer computer,” said Darryl Hennington of Bloomington. “Four days later, I was jammin’ like I was listening to Johnny Cougar Mellencamp back in ’81. Boy, I sure am ready for some Hoo Hoo Hoosier basketball. My best horse, Mabel, has herself a hitchin’ post reserved just for game nights at Assembly Hall.”

However, other sources have identified the piece as a quality historical production. Mark Sturges, director of programming for the History Channel, has nominated the video for the network’s annual History Channel Awards. The work has been designated for the “Best Historical Documentary” category.

“This piece is exceptional,” said Sturges. “I mean, the last time this team won anything of significance, people were using antennas to view games. The ability to dig that kind of footage up from a video archive is a historical feat in and of itself.”

Sturges also commented on the historical acumen of the students.

“Have you seen these dopey white kids try to perform a rap song?” asked Sturges. “It’s obvious that they’ve overcome some massive learning disability to make this production. Credit to their instructors for what can only be described as having extreme patience to coach them through the completion of this dorky-ass video.”



Manny L. Scoreboard