Friday, July 19, 2024

Big Ten Football changes divison names to Lackluster and Lousy to better reflect level...

In response to a very boring year and Northwestern being relevant for the Rose Bowl, Big Ten Football has announced a name change for their Leaders and Legends Divisions: the Lousy and Lackluster Divisions.

Big Ten Network to run ‘Penn State Vacated Wins’ marathon

"This really is for the fans of the other Big Ten teams who have been wrongfully abused by Penn State for the past 13 years," said Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman. "Fans of craphouse football programs like Indiana can now go back and essentially wipe out a bad memory by watching these games."

FDA declares IU hoops team a choking hazard

After falling to .500 in the Big Ten, the Indiana men’s basketball team has been declared an official choking hazard by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

High school football recruit chooses war in Afghanistan over scholarship to Indiana

A Midwestern high school senior quarterback whose only Big Ten scholarship offer came from Indiana recently chose enlisting in the Army and fighting in Afghanistan over joining the Hoosiers.

Dopey ‘This is Indiana’ hip-hop video aligns the Hoosier masses

The recent craze running through the state of Indiana is a hip-hop video production titled “This is Indiana,” an attempt to energize the Hoosiers fan base in the wake of a quarter-century span of futility in what is considered to be the heartland of basketball. For many fans of the cream and crimson, the video did just that.

As seasons change, idiot Hoosiers switch allegience from ND football to IU basketball

It’s a seasonal tradition for millions of disloyal Indiana residents: The changing of the college sports seasons from football to basketball. Each November, after yet another disappointing Notre Dame football season, mindless Hoosiers begin their perennial migration of fandom to focus upon Indiana University’s basketball team.

Video: Hoosiers fans celebrate NCAA championship win over Illinois Thursday night

Congratulations to the Indiana Hoosiers for their apparent NCAA championship victory over the down-and-out Fighting Illini at Assembly Hall last night.