After receiving the second $100 million contract of his career, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick celebrated by spending a night on the town, where he attending an especially atrocious display of cockfighting in the back room of a Philadelphia warehouse.

Vick, who spent 18 months in jail after being indicted on dog fighting charges in 2007, likes to watch cockfights to let off steam since his release from prison in 2009. While he has gone to numerous cockfights in the past several years, the one he attended after signing his contract was considered “especially brutal,” according to an anonymous spectator. “Feathers were flying everywhere,” he added.

Vick said he didn’t know cockfighting was a taboo in America.

“What, is that bad?” Vick asked. “I knew that I wasn’t supposed to do the dog thing, but there’s no way people would feel the same way about cockfights, right?  It’s just chickens, so it shouldn’t matter.  Right?”

Vick added that, should the public find cockfighting to be too “barbaric,” he has an idea to start a fighting league of turtles with razor blades taped to their shells, which he thinks could be “a real blast.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith