We laughed. We cried. And now that the Jim Hendry era has come to an end in Chicago, here’s a quick look at some of the hits and mostly misses from recent years.

Hendry mad he missed free resume day at Kinko’s
September 2009

Cubs’ official Twitter account accidentally tweets nude Hendry pic
June 2011

Hendry trades entire minor league system for Garza
January 2011

Radio Brief: Hendry actually giving Carlos Pena $10 million this year plus $45 million more over next three
December 2010

Hendry to overpay for free agents by only 30% this year due to lagging economy
December 2009

Hendry ecstatic about Pena’s .200-plus batting average
June 2011

Hendry and Pujols admit their hug is due to them secretly being best friends
May 2011

Hendry leaves Winter Meetings with successful sledding outing as biggest accomplishment
December 2009

Hendry purchases pitching machine to fill out rotation
April 2011

Hendry admitted to psychiatric hospital after proclaiming Cubs will be in contention this season
February 2011

Hendry wakes up from four-day slumber to learn Brewers acquired Grienke
December 2010

Hendry inks Kerry Wood to lifetime contract
December 2010

Hendry regrets Pena signing after remembering low batting averages aren’t better than high ones
December 2010

Radio Brief: Amazing capacity to somehow keep his job gets Hendry named 8th Wonder of the World
September 2010

Hendry outbids himself again for player no other team wanted
January 2010

Hendry deals Bradley for CTA fare cards
November 2009

New Cubs contest: ‘Who Wants to Be the 5th Starter?’
February 2009