Injuries are a part of baseball, but for the Mets, they have become an epidemic. Following another misdiagnosis, this time to All-star Jose Reyes, Major League Baseball revealed results of a behind the scenes investigation launched earlier this season.

Speculation of wrongdoing began when an unnamed source leaked information that the cash-strapped Wilpons secretly cut the medical budget by 75 percent after the disastrous 2009 season, which saw almost every player on the Mets roster land on the disabled list.

This May, Ike Davis — who was well on his way to a breakout season, hurt his ankle in a collision with fellow banged up Met — David Wright. Initial reports claimed he would need a couple days off. Two months later, he’s facing season-ending micro fracture surgery.

With Mets fans openly wondering who the hell are these quacks taking care of our team, the answer is shocking. Baseball’s report credited the work on the Davis injury to “Dr. Scholls” after he was simply given an shoe insert and “Dr. Nick” who told Davis to try to do wind sprints until his ankle began to feel better. Both so-called doctors’ advice only led to the end of Davis’ 2011 season.

MLB even sent a mole to a “closed door” meeting held by the Mets’ staff in April.

“The room was almost empty,” said the mole, who asked to remain anonymous. “It was me, some fat dude with a stethoscope, Dr. Jack Kevorkian (his last public appearance), and a can of Dr. Pepper just sitting on a table. Oh, and I swear I saw Dr. Doom slip out of the back door.”