Always a breath away from a controversy, Alex Rodriguez was again caught kissing himself in a Yankees locker room mirror, part of an apparent self-loving trend that began in 2009 with a now-infamous Details magazine mirror make-out photo.

“That magazine photo was just the start of it,” said Yankees clubhouse manager Lou Cucuzza Jr. “I’ve been finding purple smooches on everything reflective in the locker room since ’07.”

Most of the Bronx Bombers don’t care what Rodriguez does in his free time, but a brave few chimed in on the matter. Jorge Posada blasted his teammate’s choice in objects of affection.

“I thought he was over his muscular men with breasts phase when he dumped Madonna,” said Posada. “But now he’s back at it with the only person he truly loves.”

Posada wasn’t the only Yankee to weigh in.

“In the right light, at the right angle, he kind of looks like Jeter,” said clubhouse comedian Nick Swisher with a chuckle. “Hell, if I sort of looked like the Captain, I’d kiss myself too.”

Despite winning a ring in 2009 Rodriguez can’t seem to keep himself from being the center of mostly negative attention with Yankees faithful.

Extremely testy after grounding out to end a recent game with the go-ahead run on second base, A-Rod shouted at a beat reporter who asked about the mirror make-out session.

“Yeah, so I’m pretty,” Rodriguez shouted while watching himself flex. “Sue me!”