In Game 2 of the Crosstown BP Classic and Civil War, the White Sox edged out the Cubs 3-2 Tuesday night. The Cubs bats seemed largely over-matched all night long, but did that have the team down afterward?

“You kidding?” said a surprised manager Mike Quade. “We stretched out a Mark Buehrle start for over four hours. How many other teams can say that?”

A reporter attempted to point out to Quade that the game was interrupted for nearly two hours by a rain delay.

“Shut up,” snapped Quade. “We played a four-hour-plus Buehrle game.”

Until heavy rains came across U.S. Cellular Field in the top of the sixth inning causing a rain delay of 1 hour, 44 minutes, Sox starter Buerhle had mostly dominated the Cubs. Buerhle did not return to the mound following the delay.

“What rain?” asked Cubs rookie outfielder and trophy model Tony Campana. “Coach told me I could take a nap in the sixth, so I did. When I woke up I was scared because it was dark and I didn’t know where I was and there were no juice boxes. Then I was surprised the game that Buehrle started was still going on. Good for us.”

Jake Peavy squares off against Doug Davis in the rubber match Wednesday.

“I’m hoping we can get Peavy’s arm to tear off from his body,” said Quade. “That would be really cool. And winning. That would also be cool.”

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Tim Baffoe