As he emerged fro the Oneida Correctional Facility earlier this month, Plaxico Burress pointed his fingers to the sky and swore to reporters that he was a “changed man.”

“With the support of Jesus, the fans, and my family, I’ve learned the error of my ways,” Burress said. “I am a changed man. The next time I go into a nightclub with a bunch of strippers and hoodlums, I will have a trigger lock on my unregistered firearm.”

When his lawyer tried to interrupt, Burress immediately smacked him across the face with the back of his hand, exclaiming, “This is my time to speak!”

“Wherever I wind up, whether it’s Indianapolis or Jacksonville or Baltimore, the fans will not have to worry about my gun going off accidentally,” Burress continued, “Thanks to the trigger lock, my gun will only go off when I fire it at someone who deserves to get got.”

When asked whether he was currently carrying a firearm, Burress demurred.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Burress replied. “You think I’m going to flash my piece in front of a jail? Let me just say this to all the media people who’ve been on my case: Watch your back. Starting today, Plaxico is free, so watch your back.”

By Scott Keiner

Wompah Keiner