Mark Grace was sentenced to community service playing first base for the Cubs for the next 30 days, a Scottsdale, AZ judge ruled in connection with Grace’s DUI infraction over the Memorial Day weekend.

“The punishment fits the crime,” Judge Chris Fields said. “The message must be sent out to everyone over age 12 that driving while intoxicated is very dangerous and you will not get off easy.”

Grace’s attorney Dale Short said the judge made a personal vendetta out of the case and is only sending Grace back to the Cubs to punish him for leaving the team after 13 fruitless years and promptly winning a World Series with Arizona.

“The judge is a Cubs fan and hangs out at West Addison Tavern in Scottsdale every night,” Short said. “I know because I always see him there.”

“We would all love to play for the Diamondbacks, when the alternative is to play for the Cubs,” said the judge. “What incentive to drive sober is that?”

By Rob C. Christiansen