Jay Cutler proposed to his reality TV girlfriend Kristin Cavallari over the weekend and the Bears’ star QB is already listed as questionable for the wedding ceremony due to an apparent knee injury.

“We were vacationing on a beach in Mexico and I decided to drop to a knee and ask Kristin to be my wife,” said Cutler. “The sand was a little uneven and my flip-flop came down funny and I heard something in my knee pop.”

Despite the injury, Cutler was able to complete the proposal, which Cavallari accepted. Even though a wedding date has yet to be announced, his status for the ceremony remains uncertain.

“I talked to Coach Lovie about the injury and he was all vague and was like ‘Jay is your groom,'” said Cavallari. “I’m sure Jay will be able to walk down the aisle, but if not Caleb Hanie might have to step in and he’s so dreamy too. Either way I win!”