Twenty-nine-year-old Chicagoan Pat Snyder claims to undyingly love the Cubs even though he does nothing but complain about them on his blog

“I’ve been a true blue Cubs fan since birth,” Snyder said shortly after posting a 1,500-word rant and slideshow titled “50 Ways Jim Hendry Should Be Tortured Until He Finally Quits.” “I started this blog to prove to the world that I’d do anything for this team.”

Since launching in 2006, Snyder has written has spent nearly five years and countless hours running The majority of his posts talk about how terrible particular Cubs players or front office staffers are. His most popular feature is his annual season preview titled “Why I Don’t Think the Idiot Cubs Will Win More Than 10 Games All Season.”

He doesn’t earn a penny off his labors, but says he wouldn’t trade his blog for anything.

“This blog has made me into the man I am today,” said Snyder. “If not for, I never would have met the guy who runs the players’ parking lot. He gave me an exclusive interview a couple years ago and told me all about which player’s tricked-out Escalade was his favorite. No surprise that it was Alfonso Soriano’s. $17 million a year can buy you a pretty sweet ride. Too bad Soriano sucks so much though. I hate that guy.”